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AVTOMAGISTRALI HEMUS AD is currently a 100% privately owned joint-stock company.

The total number of specialists and workers in the Company is around 480 during the summer season and 320 during the winter season. The personnel includes 16 graduated engineers specialized the road construction, heavy mechanical equipment operations, land-surveying, geology, and quality control.

The Company's scope of activity includes engineering survey, design and construction of roads, railroads, bridges and tunnels in the country and abroad, consulting and engineering activities, extraction of inert and building materials, manufacturing and trade in construction materials, structures and products.

The company has three asphalt mixing plants, two concrete mixing plants, three Crushing and Screening plants, two Crushing and Washing Screening plants, Heavy mechanical equipment for excavation and transportation, and technological equipment, mechanical equipment for asphalt laying, and installations for the production of regular and activated rock flour, as well as repair and maintenance facilities for the mechanical equipment, vehicles and technological installations.

The quality of the Company's construction products is controlled by three own accredited road-construction laboratories, in accordance with a manufacturing control system. 

AVTOMAGISTRALI HEMUS AD has three quarries with concessions granted for extracting and manufacturing of building materials, asphalt and concrete composites, which are processed in six crushing and mixing plants owned by the Company.

The Company is certified under ISO 9001:2008,  ISO 14001:2004,  OHSAS 18001:2007, and  also holds a Production Control Certificate, in accordance with the Regulations on the Essential Requirements and Conformity Assessment of Construction Products.

The Company is a member of:
The Bulgarian Construction Chamber
-The Roads Branch Chamber
-The Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria
Mr. Nikolay Rajev, the executive director of AVTOMAGISTRALI HEMUS AD, is a civil engineer qualified in road construction with over 30-year experience in this industry, He participated in the construction of Hemus-Highway and Trakia-Highway, as well as in international road projects in Nigeria and Russia.
The other executive director, Dr. Eng. Wesselin Wodenitscharow, graduated in 1972 from the Technical University in Magdeburg, Germany and in 1979 he received a Ph.D. from the same university. Since 1989 he has been developing his own projects. He is a Harvard Business School alumni, from the OPM 30, graduated in 2001.